PACE User Management

Base URL

The PACE User API is responsible for user related actions.

Handling Terms of Service

PACE services often require the acceptance of Terms of Service to execute API actions. The terms are required for legal reasons. Some of the API surface may not require the acceptance of terms. Usually, the terms need to be accepted before doing manipulations like DELETE, PUT, POST and similar. If a service requires a user to accept the terms of service a 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons status code will be returned together with a Location header that indicates the terms that need to be accepted. The URL points to the GetTerms and can then be followed by the AcceptTerms. The terms can be viewed and accepted with a regular browser.

A simple way to assure that the terms of service are accepted, before the user does any action is, to call the CheckTerms API before the application, together with a redirectUri to the next step of the application process.

This is version 2022-1 of this API documentation. Last update on Jun 17, 2024.